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Competitive Quality

Through the implementation of a strict quality management system namely ISO 9001:2015, it can be ensured that we are able to be competitive in producing quality products.


Best Price

We're dedicated to maintaining the value of Domestic Component Level (TKDN). This commitment allows us to provide competitive prices without compromising the product quality for all customers.


On-Time Delivery

We are dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by ensuring the safe, reliable, and on-time delivery of every order. Each delivery undergoes rigorous standard tests, affirming our commitment to quality.

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What Do They Say?

PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals

Taken from Customer Satisfication Survey | 2022

"The material quality is excellent and meets existing procedural standards. The pull-out test results are also right on target. In general, we are satisfied with the products and services provided by PT.Refindo.


PT. Anggun Permai Tekindo

Taken from Customer Satisfication Survey | 2023

"We were impressed with how professional the service was. They always delivered on time, and the product quality was top-notch. Plus, they kept testing the mill continuously to ensure everything was perfect.


PT. Bumi Suksesindo

Taken from Customer Satisfaction Survey | 2022

"We've been delighted with all aspects of the assistance that PT. Refindo has provided for our underground mining operations. We look forward to their ongoing success in future product development!


PT. Antam UPBE Pongkor

Taken from Customer Satisfaction Survey | 2019

"We are satisfied with PT.Refindo's performance in general. The service quality was very good and the result of their work is satisfactory. Please keep maintain it, thank you!


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